• Company Benefits

    Provide our employees with competitive compensation and reward them with year-end bonuses based on performance. Also, provide opportunities for promotion and salary adjustment every year.
  • Career Planning

    Arrange one-on-one tutors for new employees and provide comprehensive training through internal and external courses.
  • Festival Benefits

    Celebrate important festivals with you by providing holiday bonuses, marriage, and maternity perks. Our employees also enjoy an exclusive holiday on their birthday!
  • Health

    Provide our employees access to superior healthcare coverage, including routine wellness visits and insurance.
  • Diversified Activities

    Regularly hold employee activities and annual company trips to make our employees enjoy work-life balance.
  • Talent Award

    Provide referral bonuses to reward our employees for helping recruit new talents. Reward outstanding employees with patent bonuses to develop technology innovation.

Notes: Some benefits are different according to local laws and regulations.