Leading a smart life

Leading a smart life

We strive for technology innovationProvide you with solutions that exceed expectations.

Under the leadership of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley,

we integrate elite teams from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong aiming to provide you with high-performance solutions to realize the value of smart life.
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Chuck Cheng, the Founder of AppoTech

“After returning to Hong Kong, there was no mosquito anymore at the most difficult time. But I never doubted my decision. When I went to the United States to study engineering from Hong Kong, my father told me that I must feedback my knowledge to my hometown if I succeed in the future. When the new product was successfully developed, we finally sold out the first chip within one and a half years.”

He has a dual master's degree (Master of Management in Stanford University, a Master of Engineering in Cornell University) and dual bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science in the University of Wisconsin, and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in the University of Hong Kong).Chuck Cheng has involved in the establishment of 4 startups and accumulated 15 years of entrepreneurial experience.

SARS outbreak in 2003 caused a depression in industries in Hong Kong. His sense of mission to feedback his hometown made him resolutely leave the comfort zone of Silicon Valley, took 1 million US dollars boarded a crew-only flight alone and returned from the United States to Hong Kong to establish AppoTech.

With a forward-looking insight into market trends, Chuck Cheng led the team to launch a series of products that meet customers’ demands, creating a turnover of zero to 800 million dollars within ten years. In addition, AppoTech has been selected as one of “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China Award” for two consecutive years.

"I can’t estimate how big the market can be after the advent of the Internet of Things era. Both shipments and revenues will have more than tens of times explosive growth." Chuck Cheng said that the Internet of Things needs to control the chip and connects through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. AppoTech focuses on developing this technology and expects to lead people to a new smart life in the future.

AppoTechLeads a Smart Life for You

We provide a series of solutions as an indispensable part of the Internet of Things.
People can have a smarter and more convenient experience in their life.




    Bluetooth audio controllers reduce 88% transmission delay for gamers and allow you to experience the ultimate presence.
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  • Mobile Devices

    Mobile Devices


    Bluetooth audio controllers and expandable storage controllers help you to have more convenient life.
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  • Home Entertainment

    Home Entertainment


    Audio controllers allow you to enjoy a music feast at home, not only for one person exclusively but also for friends gathering.
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  • Outdoor Life

    Outdoor Life


    In addition to recording the beautiful moments of your life, video controllers and Wi-Fi video controllers protect your safety anytime. 
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